This tool is based on the work of user Arachobia on RPG Crossing with his permission. He had taken a list of tables from Dragon magazine #422 in an article called "Building Character" by Matt Sernett and updated them for 5th edition. I've turned them into an automatic tool for generating a characters background.

Instructions: Refresh the page to generate a new background story. As always, you can use it however you like and fill in your own details. Your age and acquired proficiencies are listed at the bottom and are based on the results you got. Try to pick a Race/Class/Background combo that fulfills all the proficiencies. Your age may also result in ability score modifiers that can be applied after building your character.

...or ignore everything and do whatever you want. Whatever.
Background Generator

(T.101): One of your parents was a great hero.

(T.102): One of your parents was a priest. You will have proficiency in Religion.

(T.2): A younger sister.

(T.3): You eloped. Scandalous! Roll on Table 12 to see how this worked out.

(T.12): The person needs your help on Table 18.

(T.18): A member of your family is slated for execution and your friend wants to help YOU rescue them. You succeed, but now you have to flee on Table 19.

(T.19): Fate interrupts your flight on Table 17.

(T.17): You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are sent to jail on Table 21.

(T.21): You become known as a troublemaker, and eventually your captor or your guards decide it'll be easier to just hand you over to slavers. Roll on Table 16.

(T.16): In what seems like an act of divinity, a disaster slaughters nearly all your captors. You travel to Table 27 to pay respect to the god that you believe is responsible for your freedom.

(T.27): You clumsily ruin a religious ceremony and upset the temple. The furious priests attack you before you can explain, and you are forced to flee on Table 19.

(T.19): You manage to shake your pursuers who appear to give up, for now. You will have proficiency in Stealth. Your life of adventure begins.

Total Rolls: 12
Your age is ADULT
Adults are at the most equalized stage of development. From here their physical body will begin to weaken while their minds and personalities benefit from experience.
Adults have no modifiers to their attributes.