This tool is based on the work of user Arachobia on RPG Crossing with his permission. He had taken a list of tables from Dragon magazine #422 in an article called "Building Character" by Matt Sernett and updated them for 5th edition. I've turned them into an automatic tool for generating a characters background.

Instructions: Refresh the page to generate a new background story. As always, you can use it however you like and fill in your own details. Your age and acquired proficiencies are listed at the bottom and are based on the results you got. Try to pick a Race/Class/Background combo that fulfills all the proficiencies. Your age may also result in ability score modifiers that can be applied after building your character.

...or ignore everything and do whatever you want. Whatever.
Background Generator

(T.101): One of your parents was a diplomat. You will have proficiency in Persuasion.

(T.102): One or both of your parents were spies; and they raised you to become a spy as well. After determining whether you have siblings by getting a result from Table 2, proceed to Table 29 instead of proceeding to Table 3 as normal.

    >>>> (T.2): Two stepsiblings, each with a different parent.

(T.29): You meet a rival spy in the course of your mission, and the pair of you play a deadly game of banter and underhand tactics. However, you eventually come to respect each other and part on friendly terms, your target(s) none the wiser. You will have proficiency in Deception and Stealth. Your life of adventure begins.

Total Rolls: 4
Your age is CHILDHOOD
Children are physically smaller than adults, and are still learning much about the world. Their smaller frames make them more agile and more endearing, and sometimes they have curious views which can make them seem insightful.
+1 DEX, +1, WIS, +1 CHA, -1 STR, -1 CON, -1 INT