This tool is based on the work of user Arachobia on RPG Crossing with his permission. He had taken a list of tables from Dragon magazine #422 in an article called "Building Character" by Matt Sernett and updated them for 5th edition. I've turned them into an automatic tool for generating a characters background.

Instructions: Refresh the page to generate a new background story. As always, you can use it however you like and fill in your own details. Your age and acquired proficiencies are listed at the bottom and are based on the results you got. Try to pick a Race/Class/Background combo that fulfills all the proficiencies. Your age may also result in ability score modifiers that can be applied after building your character.

...or ignore everything and do whatever you want. Whatever.
Background Generator

(T.101): If this is your 1st roll on this table you were adopted. Roll on this table another maximum of two times* as if it is your first and 2nd roll, for your biological parents, then again maximum of 2 times* (again as if it is your 1st and 2nd roll). After this, you may move on to Table 2.
Biological Parents:

    >>>> (T.101): One of your parents was a lawyer. You will have proficiency in Persuasion.

    >>>> (T.102): If this is your 2nd (or higher) roll on this table, you either were raised by one parent or only one parent worked AND you have four younger siblings (you are the oldest). Proceed to Table 3.
Adoptive Parents:

    >>>> (T.101): One of your parents was a noble. You will have +25% starting gold and proficiency in Insight.

    >>>> (T.102): One of your parents was a diplomat. You will have proficiency in Persuasion.

(T.2): A fraternal (i.e. non-Identical) twin.

(T.3): You leave in search of a family heirloom or some other valuable or powerful item. Roll on Table 11.

(T.11): Good idea: Plying folk with drinks to try find information. Bad idea: Drinking so much yourself that you start a brawl in the tavern. Stagger on over to Table 23.

(T.23): They say you can't really know someone until you've had a bare-handed fight with them, and this seems to be the case. After fighting to a standstill, you and most of your opponents end up becoming great friends and drown the pain of your bruises in drink and song. You will have proficiency in Athletics. One of your new friends decides to ask you for help on Table 18.

(T.18): Your friend was no true friend at all! They merely wished to frame you for a crime. Serve your time on Table 21.

(T.21): You are scheduled for execution, but at the last moment a noble decides to intervene and buy your freedom if you serve them. Roll on Table 33.

(T.33): Your 'service' is actually as a slave. Roll on Table 16.

(T.16): You lead a slave revolt! Too bad it is brutally crushed. You carry on serving, but now you are chained up, heavily guarded, mocked by your captors and despised by other slaves. Roll on this table again.

(T.16): You escape your life as a slave, and want to make the one responsible pay. If you have not yet encountered a villain who could be responsible for your enslavement, roll on Table 5 now. Either way, proceed to Table 9.

    >>>> (T.5): A cult leader.

(T.9): You are tricked, and become lost underground. Roll on Table 25.

(T.25): You discover the lair of a villain beneath the earth: roll on Table 5 to see which villain. You steal a map to treasure from the villain's lair and sneak back to the surface using their own tunnels. You will have proficiency in Stealth. You begin your life of adventure with the map in your possession.

    >>>> (T.5): A giant.

Total Rolls: 18
Your age is ADULT
Adults are at the most equalized stage of development. From here their physical body will begin to weaken while their minds and personalities benefit from experience.
Adults have no modifiers to their attributes.

25% More Starting Gold