The Ultimate Random Treasure Hoard Generator!!! Well, at least a combination of some of the best resources I've found. It combines magic items from the DMG, Xanathar's, Tasha's, Kobold Press' Vault of Magic, and Better Than Nothing items.
(Perhaps someday I'll turn this into a full-fleged functional tool.)

Go ahead...try it.

Vault of Magic
Blog of Holding Treasure Hoard Tables
Flexible Treasure Hoards
A Guide to Nonrandom Loot
5MWD Treasure and Art Objects
Better Than Nothing
Magic Item Math of 5e
Treasure Generator
Total number of people in the party.
The average of all party member levels.
One click for an entire campaign worth of loot! Averages target those specified in the DMG.

Generate inventory for a magic shop. Stock focuses on consumables and common/uncommon items. Small chance for higher rarities.

Roll Results
Coin Results
Treasure Results

Item Results